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What do I appreciate? They resolve problems in creative ways, (there are always problems), work closely with clients, use top quality materials and vendors, and are on the job almost daily. Definitely hands-on supervision. They also take responsibility for mistakes if it is their fault, and make it right.

I’ve been to gatherings where several of their past clients were there. We would spend 20 minutes talking about how great they are, how much we trust them. How many people rave about their contractors?

They also repair and/or renovate some of our rental properties. Bottom line, if they do the work it’ll be done right and I don’t have to think about it.

Vivian Olkin

We wish for everyone building their own home the experience we were able to have with Frank Cole Building Company. From the very first meeting about our plan to the very last detail of construction, our experience was a delightful one. We had none of the upset and difficulty generally associated with building experiences. Frank and his partner, Art Kaplan, were always available to listen, explain information, and assist us with questions and changes. We were welcomed on visits to the construction site by a friendly, helpful crew at all stages of construction. The experience of our new home has been greatly enhanced by such a positive and supportive relationship with our builder.

Reneé Prillaman & Hugh Meriwether